Toes on the Nose

clothing, apparel

Toes on the Nose is a surf apparel company dedicated to the history and soul of surfing. Inspired by the art of longboarding, Toes on the Nose offers a wide array of products including men’s, women’s, kid’s and accessories. Embodying his passion for surfing, John Severson, the renowned surf artist and founder/publisher of Surfer magazine, coined the phrase and designed the logo "Toes on the Nose" for his Surfer Quarterly magazine back in '61. It was used for an editorial column titled "Toes on the Nose" depicting the classic maneuver. With the blessing from Surfer magazine, Toes on the Nose was established in 1992 in Laguna Beach, California with the mission to define its image through the definitive soul and style of longboarding. Today Toes on the Nose continues the tradition, catering to the surfer who wants the clean and classic style reflecting the simplicity of earlier times.

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