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"Like most great products, SOLOSHOT was born of desire. A surfer awakes one morning to the sound of a fresh north swell breaking on the famous shifting stones of Apple Bay, Tortola. Looking out on a beautiful sunrise with 6 foot italian-ice blue waves feathering across a reef, the surfer sets a camera on his balcony, points it fully zoomed out at the peak, presses record and hits the surf hoping for the best. 'Some footage is better than no footage' he thinks. Hours later he returns for some breakfast and checks to see what the camera has captured. After watching the footage he thinks to himself, 'if only the camera could have a tighter shot and follow me throughout the lineup while getting smooooooth footage of every wave...' Four years later, after a serendipitous meeting of the minds on Kite Beach in Cabarete, DR and with the help of 23 engineers, scientists, artists and designers, we are incredibly stoked to introduce SOLOSHOT. We are excited to bring our platform technology first to surfers and similar activities and ultimately to the world at large. We are a hands on company that is proud to design and manufacture its own products that we stand behind. We are located in the USA.

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