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Our quest to build a world-class wetsuit that stands up to the harsh conditions of big waves and cold water took shape on the coast of California. Living and surfing in and along the California coast a frequent topic of conversation was just how wetsuit quality and performance has deteriorated. The same story was heard over and over. Surfers are tired of spending good dollars for heavy waterlogged wetsuits made of cheap neoprene that fall apart. If those “suits” and accountants were out in the line-up logging long hours in heavy, cold and damp wetsuits, maybe things would be different. Seems something was lost in the pursuit of profit. Instead of complaining we decided to do something about it. We knew we needed fresh insight and a new approach, so we consulted with wetsuit designers who have worked for the biggest names in the industry. Unfortunately that effort was fruitless, frustrating and disappointing. No fresh perspectives or new ideas, just the same old tired thinking and ways of doing things. So instead, we started from scratch and talked to elite coldwater surfers from the coast of California. The paradox was clear: to stay warm you needed thick suits, but to maximize performance they needed to be thin, lightweight and flexible. Where others saw contradictions, we saw opportunity for a new paradigm. Our quest for the better wetsuit took us around the globe: to material scientists in Japan, athletes from Hawaii to Colorado, bio-mechanical engineers and cold water surfers on three continents.

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